With all of the modern technology, it's imperative that businesses have barcode printers for their merchandise. This is especially important for those in the packaging industry, although it is impossible for some retailers to use their own system of barcoding that is separate from that of the manufacturer. Having barcode printers allows a store or manufacturing facility to print the barcode labels that are then affixed to the products before they are shipped.

Barcode printers can make things much easier for a retail business that relies on UPC codes for pricing and product identification. Barcode printers help the manufacturer identify new products that may be on the market with new UPC codes. In other words, products that have previously been discontinued may be available again but with some variation—thus a new barcode number if used to identify the new product. No longer do retailers have to enter a description of the product along with the product name—the UPC codes along with a short description are all that is needed.

Retailers may use barcode printers for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is to use their own identifying codes on a product. In some cases, there is a difference between the barcodes from the manufacturer and those of a retail establishment. This may be good in some respects because it prevents someone from buying a product at one store for a lower price and returning it at another for higher price. Retailers may also use barcode printers to place labels on the shelves identifying products by UPC number and their price. This definitely is a step up from the days when the only thing that a cashier needed to know was a department number and price. The system of using barcodes is more efficient and faster than methods of the fast.


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