Plain labels come in many different sizes, and each of those sizes has several potential uses. It's easy enough to buy plain labels that are address labels, but that doesn't mean that you can't use them for any other purpose. In fact, there are many uses for each label size that user don't even commonly consider. Just because the plain labels you have say they are address labels doesn’t mean you can't use them for any other purpose. You can use each roll or sheet or labels for any purpose you want as long as they are the correct dimensions.

You can your one line plain labels, for example, and use them to put dates on packages of food in the refrigerator and freezer. You may even use the larger ones to identify both the date and the name of the product. You can also use plain labels on computer disks to identify the general information on the disk. You might be able to use the smaller barcode labels as a spine for CD Jewel cases to enter the contents of a CD. There are so many different sizes of styles of plain labels that can utilize for purposes other than those for which they were intended.

One use for plain labels that you may not have thought about is using the narrower ones such as the barcode labels to identify the contents of hanging folders. Since we no longer use typewriters, many have had to resort to writing on the tab inserts. Why do that? Use your plain labels and then stick them onto the tabs that come with the folders. You could, of course, use the one line labels and cut them, but it will make it neater if you use a narrower label. Look at the plain labels you now have, and you will find many more uses for them than simply barcode, file folder, shipping, and address purposes.


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