We all know how important is to handle security in the facilities of companies. We also know that this problem is bigger when we face dozens and even hundreds of people working in the same building. How could we prevent unauthorized access inside our facilities? We are going to describe here a strategy used by many companies. This method uses barcode scanners as a tool to develop a solution. First of all you need to classify all your personnel with security levels, lets say from one to five, where a greater number represents higher access. All the information of the employee will be stored in an identification card properly printed with a barcode.

This barcode is going to be read by barcode scanners installed in every door that need to be protected. This card must be used by the employee at all times, otherwise, he won’t be able to cross through doors and secure offices. Secondly, you should know which rooms are important and protect them with digital locks that would be activated only through barcode scanners. The scanners will be like watchers in front of the doors. Personnel will need to use their identification cards and place them into the scanners in order to ask for access. All the scanners will need to be connected to a centralized computer system in order to process the information contained in the identification card.

This is critical because for example, an employee could be fired one day and all their permissions revoked. This is why the barcode scanners will need to ask the centralized system if the employee has access to the secure rooms. They would not be able to do it without a connection to a centralized computer system. Although this process with barcode scanners is complex, it will grant more security to your facilities.

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