Plain labels
are just blank labels with no inscription of any kind on them. This not necessary means they are of white colour, they can be red, blue, green or any other colour available in the market. The terminology simply refers to the fact that these labels do not have previously printed material on their surfaces.

Some data is printed onto the plain labels to create a finished product. Of course a printer is needed. Generally a barcode printer, but it can be any other kind of printer too. Anyway, there is a very important part always present in the printing process, no matter if this uses direct thermal or thermal transfer technology. We are talking about the software. Plain labels are useless without data on them, and to print this data a software program is needed.

Software for the printing industry has many characteristics. We are going to try to mention some of the most important ones. Software must be ready to be used with any kind of printer and any kind of plain labels. This means it has to be configurable. It needs to support various operating systems and various languages if possible. One important aspect to consider is the codification that the software needs to support in order to be useful. The software needs to work with a database to store critical information about the printing process, the more information it can gather the more valuable the software is. It needs to be able to print several codes onto the plain labels, for instance decimal values, formulas, currency symbols, date and time stamps and it also needs to print these symbols using different types of fonts. All these characteristics will make the printing software a very valuable companion for your business process.


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