There are cases when some companies need to purchase special barcode readers for their operations. These pieces of hardware have some special features that make them more powerful in their capabilities but at the same time more expensive than common models. For example, most barcode readers are capable of reading uni-dimensional barcode labels, but special machines are capable of reading also duo-dimensional barcode labels. These labels can contain much more of information than the first type of labels, so they are more useful. However, these labels are also more expensive as well as the reader that can interpret their symbols.

Some barcode readers can work in poor light environments, because the laser used by them is more potent other cheaper models. Other barcode readers are specially designed to work under hard environmental conditions like warehouses with high or extremely low temperatures or rooms with a high humidity factor. Other equipments are specially designed to resist abrasion and hard impacts. This last category is normally used in the mining industry, where these pieces of hardware are subject to falls, hits and mistreatment due to the hard conditions proper to the work.

Other barcode readers are designed to work for long periods of time and are built with large capacity batteries that provide them with more autonomy than other common models. It is relatively frequent that these models are built with powerful wireless antennas, capable of emitting signals that fly by air traversing hard materials and to relatively long distances.

Finally, there are other special sophisticated models that are built with touch screens similar to pocket computers. These models are very delicate and cannot support tough environments. Their special friendly user interface is designed to be used by specialist engineers rather than by rude workers that certainly need other kind of equipment for their job.


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