With so many models of hand labellers available in the market, one might wonder the size of the market for this kind of products. Market for these devices is fuelled mostly by the growth rate of the retail stores around the globe. Every new retail shop opened is a potential customer for manufacturers of hand labellers. So the question really is how much retail stores are growing. In the early years of the 21st century, emerging markets have represented a new bull market for different kind of products, where the retail market is not the exception. Consumers now have more buying power than decades ago, and potential new customers are entering the market every single day, and more are yet to come.

The chain for consumer spending is large and has its base on employment, because high rates of employment during several years will tend to increase consumer spending, thus making new retail shops to open every year to satisfy such increase in demand. At the same time, this kind of behaviour indirectly fuels other markets and related businesses, for instance, hand labellers market. If there are more retail stores attending consumer demand, then more hand labellers will be needed for these new shops to support their business processes, like pricing for example. Consumer stands for two thirds of economic activity in most countries, so it is an important economic indicator to consider when evaluating any market. Manufacturers of hand labellers and related products, like labelling and printing machines need to understand economic trends in order to insert their products where it is more convenient. Emerging markets like China and some Latin American countries have been increasing their gross domestic products by ten percent or more every single year since the beginning of the 21st century. This cannot pass unnoticed by companies in this business sector.

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