Label dispensers
are stationary machines whose purpose is to provide labels efficiently to a worker. Stationary machines are not meant to be used in the retail market, where high mobility is needed. Retail market uses hand labellers to accomplish their goals. Label dispensers are used where packages go to the worker, generally using a conveyor belt. The labels needed are generally bigger than the ones used by hand labellers because packages are normally bigger and they need to contain more information.

Manufacturing and logistic companies are normally the target market for label dispensers, because the use conveyor belts deal with a large amount of packages of different size and shapes every day. Another reason is that they normally need to attach to the products information for customs and government agencies, which is normally very detailed and rich in data to satisfy law requirements.

Labels used by these labelling devices come in a variety of sizes, but normally they are previously printed, and the machines just provide them. This process is somehow different from the process which involves the use of hand labellers, because the later have the capability to print symbols on the labels they use, while labels dispensers just provide the labels, without printing anything. Labels used by these devices must be previously printed and configured in rolls. After that, the roll is attached to the label dispenser where it is going to be used manually or automatically.

Not many years will pass until label dispensers also need to change their technology in order to provide labels with different, more sophisticated characteristics, like labels used in the radio frequency market, which come with a microchip inserted in the label with all the information stored in a digital fashion, instead of having the information printed outside and subject to all kind of degradation due to misuse and scratches.

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