We all know that technology improves every day. This is good news for consumers but also brings a challenge to many enterprises whose business processes are heavily dependant on those ever changing technologies to survive. Barcode readers can easily belong to this group. Let’s have a look at the retail sector. This sector uses barcode readers to process items faster and more accurately. This technology is in close contact with the final consumer when he pays for his goods at the outlets. Cashiers read the barcode labels of each product while a computer system proceeds to do the math and returns the final amount to pay. This process, as we all know, takes a lot of time depending on how many products you have loaded in your shopping cart. If there are only one or two items, then the process is fast. But if you have fifty items, then the timing issues arise. It would be very useful to design a model of barcode readers that can process all the items in your shopping cart at once, so no matter if you have one product or one hundred, the amount of time that would take to a system like this to process the payment would be the same. Of course all this would mean a powerful technology to detect all the products in your shopping cart at the same time. This would only be possible if every product had an emitter chip or some sort of device that can send information to a centralized system using a wireless mechanism. Well, the truth is that this mechanism exists today. It is called radio frequency identification technology and their first uses are still in their infant stages. After all the testing period has passed, we should start seeing some of its marvellous functions at the supermarkets.


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