The retail sector is the main market for barcode labels, and it is also a very dynamic sector. Almost every product you buy at the supermarket is labelled using this technology in order to allow a faster processing at the outlet. Without the use of barcode labels, the retail industry would suffer from major logistic problems at the front stores and also at the main warehouses where goods are stored and organized.

The retail industry needs to label their products in order to inform customers about critical information like prices and due dates. However, some retail chains are starting to replace barcode labels on their products for more sophisticated approaches. For instance, they are placing readers at both sides of the gondola shelves where customers can check product prices in real time. Nevertheless, this method is not totally preferred by customers, because it demands the customer to walk to the fixed readers every time he or she wants to know the price of a product. Our opinion is that this method is not going to replace barcode labels on the items, but instead will server as an additional source of information for those products with their price labels not present.

The shipment industry is another sector with an intensive use of barcode labels. This sector is unique because it uses special materials for the labels and specifically designed printing methods. As labels on products need to remain visible only a few days, they use labels designed not to last a long time. This procedure is of course much less expensive, thus allowing shipment companies to reduce label costs dramatically. Paper used in this kind of labels is also made from a special material, designed to turn black upon contact with heat, pretty similar to a fax machine.

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