When out shopping, it is impossible not to notice barcode labels on everything from packages of meat to the tiny labels on jewelry. Barcode labels are also used on packages in the mail, for labeling retail shelves, and for marking warehouse crates. Business across the country and around the world are using barcodes and in many cases, even printing their own. While there are numerous accessories that can be purchased for printing barcode labels, there are two components every business that plans on printing their own barcodes must have: a barcode printer, and labels. Zebra labels are some of the best known on the market.

Zebra labels work best with the company’s printers. They are designed specifically for barcodes and there are different types of labels for the different types of barcode printers.

Direct thermal Zebra labels are perfect for indoor applications away from chemicals. These labels are made from thermal paper and are fairly inexpensive. The barcode is printed on these labels when heat causes a chemical reaction with the paper, turning it black where the heat is applied. Direct thermal labels are available in both paper and synthetic. While paper is less expensive, synthetic labels are more durable.

There are also thermal transfer zebra labels available in paper and synthetic. These labels are more heat and light resistant than direct thermal labels as they do not require thermal paper.

There are also now “smart labels” from Zebra. This new technology utilizes RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips as part of the labels. There are thirteen different inlays in a variety of sizes. This type of label is very useful when security is vitally important as they are extremely difficult to counterfeit.

Whether security or cost is the driving force behind your barcode label needs, there is a Zebra label that is perfect for your business.

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