Label dispensers
come in a variety of size and features but all they can be grouped into two categories: manual and electric. Manual label dispensers are designed for light or temporary use while electric ones are mostly automatic and are built to satisfy industrial needs and heavy usage. Normally, manual dispensers are considerably cheaper than their electric counterparts, so business processes must be carefully evaluated to determine what kind of usage the dispensers will have to support before buying something that is not necessary. Some manual dispensers come with levers to simulate automatic dispensers and are more precise than simple devices. The lever is first adjusted to the size of the label and then manually pulled each time a new label is needed. Manual label dispensers as well as the electric automated ones both assist equally in the process of removing a label from its backing tape, the primary difference relies on the efficiency they provide. The former are slower because of their manual nature, while the later are faster and more accurate.

Some electric label dispensers use photoelectric sensors to determine the exact place where a label finishes and begins another. This is called trigger advancement. The photoelectric sensor has replaced the older limit switch, because it does not come into contact with the label as the first one did, sometimes damaging the label and producing delays in the operation. They function with an electric motor to provide necessary motion and most models come with a speed regulator that can be adjusted to the final user requirements.

Some label dispensers are designed specially for a market, and the components used in their fabrication are selected taken into account this fact. Also their sizes and shapes reflect this speciality. Some are even built according to specific requirements of the companies. Although this might represent an increase in efficiency they are also more expensive than the standard models.

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