We can classify label dispensers in two categories, manual and electric. Manual dispensers are basically used in small applications and maybe even in homes or small offices. On the other hand, electric label dispensers are used preferably in industrial applications or other processes where accuracy is of utmost relevance. Manual dispensers have no special features or gadgets, they are purely mechanical and their functionality is quite simple. They are designed for simple tasks. Electric dispensers are much more sophisticated and they have features and gadgets designed to accomplish the most difficult tasks with perfect accuracy and at very high speeds. Manual dispensers need human support to work, while electric models can work alone for hours without human intervention. Electric label dispensers have all sort of sensors designed to provide the labels without error, also they emit signals when they run out of rolls so employees can replace their materials immediately. Electric label dispensers are of course more expensive than their manual counterparts, but they have several benefits as explained above. Nevertheless only heavy industrial processes should use them, because that is what they are designed for. Simple operations will perform fine with manual models. In fact, industrial electric label dispensers should only be used by printing companies whose mission is to print barcode labels continually. Otherwise the investment in such sophisticated and expensive equipment is not justified. These companies usually build printing lines composed of several pieces of hardware, like dispensers, printers and rewinders. All of them will work as a team to accomplish the printing of barcode labels on time. This is why you should carefully evaluate which kind of dispensers you really need to cover your operations, if you need dispensers at all. Our recommendation is to avoid investing in sophisticated hardware until you are completely sure that advanced technology will help the performance of your processes.


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