Bar code labels are used extensively in the shipping industry including the United States Postal Service, United Parcel Service, Federal Express, and others. Attaching bar code labels to your packages allows the original shipper to track what happened with your package once it left their facility. Although the post office doesn't use it for ordinary first class mailings, it does use it when proof of delivery is requested or as a tracking device for bulk mailing.

The use of bar code labels also allows a customer to track any packages they sent using their computer. It is no longer necessary to contact the shipper you used as long as you have the tracking number of the package. This saves an enormous amount of time because you can check your shipments any time of the day or night without having to wait for the facility to open and stay on hold for a long time while they research your information. In cases of shipments that require a signature, the bar code label that is on your packages also allows you to see who signed for the package at the destination point and when it was delivered.

The span of time has shown us the importance of bar code labels and how they can make our lives easier. Hopefully the future will show us better ways to make use of bar code labeling in the shipping industry to prevent mailings from going to the wrong addresses or being delayed in shipment for any number of reasons. Improvements are obvious from when the system first started, but it is not yet as precise as it could be. Hopefully the future of the industry will provide a more accurate system where packages will always be delivered to the right person within a reasonable time frame.

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