When bar code labels came on the market, they were intended to make life easier for retailers, manufacturers, shippers, and producers, but doing that means that the various entities must make the effort to use the bar code labels to their highest potential. The problem today is that many people do not allow the bar codes to become a part of their system so the labels can be beneficial to the business. To clarify that a little more, many retailers do not use the bar codes on the labels for point of sale inventory tracking as they should. This creates a false sense of security for retailers who assume automatically that inventory is reduced by sales as it should be.

In order for bar code labels to work efficiently and effectively as a means of inventory control, the computer system must be programmed to keep constant control of inventory. In the perfect scenario, incoming merchandise is scanned and added to inventory while outgoing merchandise is scanned and deducted. The use of a reorder point is also advisable as it tells management when it is time to replenish the supply. Although many retailers do utilize the set up, there are still far too many who don't, which is the reason we can still enter a store and find merchandise out of stock more often than necessary. With such an accurate system available for their use, one would think that everyone would be ready to use the bar code labels for everything that enters or leaves their location, but the problem lies in the initial expense of programming the computer system to do more than just hold the prices and print the bar code labels for shelves and packages. Sadly, this should be easier since product manufacturers are using bar coding, so that all retailers need to do is scan it into their system.

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