With so many different brands of label printers, why should a company choose Zebra printers over other brands? For many it's a personal decision that is based upon personal experience. For instance, a company may have bought one of the Zebra printers previously and had good luck with it, thus they are inclined to buy the same brand again because they know it is dependable. Another reason for choosing Zebra printers is that they have the model you need for the functions you need to perform. That doesn't mean there are no other label printers that perform those functions, but Zebra may have a model that more closely meets their needs than any model manufactured by other brands of label printers.

Quality is also an issue in choosing a printer brand, but what is quality lies in the beliefs of the users. That is not to say that Zebra printers are not high quality but rather that only those who have used them can attest to that. The same holds true for any other brand of printer or other equipment. It is irrelevant what the advertisements or description say about the quality of Zebra printers—what is important is what those who have used them believe to be factual. One of the main issues for that is because label printers like other equipment can work differently based upon a number of environmental and other issues.

It's important to understand that the conditions in the area where you use Zebra printers can affect the quality of the work it performs, but that shouldn't reflect on its quality and reliability for another user. What causes problems for you may work perfectly for another user because the environmental issues are different. Make your own judgment about Zebra printers and though you may listen to testimonials from others either positively or negatively, you must still make your own decision.

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