There are several reasons you may choose Zebra labels over other brands, but the most common reason is that they are best suited to your printer if you are using a Zebra printer. Though you might be able to use a different brand, it is always best to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the best performance. Even if you have used another brand in the past, and it worked well, if your printer is under a service contract, using a product not recommended by the manufacturer will void your warrant and service contract.

Using Zebra labels with your Zebra printer is going to award it the best performance and longest life. Remember, the manufacturer has a reason to recommend their own labels for use in their printers—they are designed specifically based upon the way everything is built. That means that Zebra labels are designed to be specifications for a Zebra printer including the type of material in the labels. Attempting to vary from that material can cause problems with your printer.

Label printers are more sensitive than a standard laser printer, especially the smaller ones. You have to be careful to follow the instructions by the manufacturer, including that of using Zebra labels with a Zebra printer. You will also find that you can load the labels onto the printer much easier if you use the labels that were specifically designed for your printer. Attempting to "beat the system" so to speak will only making things much more difficult and possibly damage the sensitive equipment.

With so many online retailers and lower prices online, there is no reason to even think of buying anything but Zebra labels if you have a Zebra printer. You stand less of a risk of shortening the printer's life if you use anything but labels intended for your specific printer.

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