Look at all the higher growth label technologies, such as wraparound film, sleeking, in-mould and pressure-sensitive, and it soon becomes apparent that they are significantly or totally based around non-paper substrates.

Many factors fuel this rapid growth – performance, image, recyclability, clarity with buyers increasing specifying materials ranging from polyethylene to polyester, polypropylene to polyester, or synthetic paper to metallised film.

Combined with a whole range of adhesives, the
self adhesive label sector has experience major growth of films in recent years, with perhaps 50 per cent or so of the total pharmaceutical, cosmetics, toiletries and industrial labelling markets now using filmic substrates – often a totally clear solution.

This issue reviews some of the continuing developments in label film which, either on their own or with surface treatments, now solve more label solutions and performance specifications than ever before. Certainly well worth a read for those
label printers aiming to be at the forefront of industry advances.

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