When organizing your pantry, the first thing you should stock up on is self-adhesive labels. Easy to find at any office supply store, self-adhesive labels are an invaluable tool for organizing. Luckily self-adhesive labels are available in many different sizes and shapes. Purchase several sizes of self-adhesive labels for different labelling tasks. The ½"X ¾" size is perfect for labelling small jars of spices while ½" X 1 ¾" self-adhesive labels are ideal for shelf names and larger canisters.

Organizing a pantry is all about good planning. Keep your self-adhesive labels nearby and begin pulling everything out of the cupboards. Sort into categories such as dry goods, spices, canned goods, dishes, glasses and pans. An organized look is a uniform look. If you've purchased different coloured self-adhesive labels you may want to select just one for the whole pantry or a different colour for each cupboard. Invest in several different sized bottles and canisters with the same colour and design scheme. Neatly print the name of each container's contents on the self-adhesive labels, carefully arrange each of the self-adhesive labels on the canisters and then transfer the food to the designated canister.

Once you have your non-perishables in order, it is time to decide where each item will be stored in the pantry.

Now is a good time to use your self-adhesive labels to label each shelf to match your categories. Be sure to clean and dry the edges of your shelves before trying to affix the self-adhesive labels to them. Any amount of dirt or moisture can prevent self-adhesive labels from clinging to a surface. Resist the urge to divide shelves and sticking on multiple self-adhesive labels. If you are truly pressed for space, use just one self-adhesive label and write categories separated by a slash mark (/).

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