Label manufacturer
companies provide a whole range of products and services. Most people believe that label manufacturer companies only create printed labels, yet the process is much more complex and - most important of all - companies in the label manufacturer business count with several specialized departments that deal with different parts of what is known as the label manufacturer world.

Label manufacturer companies not only produce blank labels to be filled by label printers or other equipments, label manufacturer firms also create detailed labels for many finished products and sometimes even design them altogether. So, most label manufacturer companies count with an Art Department where the label manufacturer either check the art received from their clients or design it from scratch following certain requirements from the clients. This is a crucial step as most label manufacturer companies will agree; if the art design is wrong, the whole process will be wrong.

The next step in the label manufacturer process is the plate making. One plate is made for every colour the required label needs and they are used to print thousands of labels before new plates are needed. All label manufacturer companies save these plates in order to reuse them for future client orders. Every time a new production batch is asked for most Quality Assurance areas re-check these plates comparing them with the approved art just to make sure no changes have been made. It is a very healthy habit and part of the label manufacturer industry production politics in most places.

Another crucial element used in the label manufacturer industry is the cutting die. Cutting dies cut the label stock in the adequate shape required by the client’s art pattern and thus define the peeling area of the label. Label manufacturer companies usually have many cutting dies in stock, yet most label manufacturer firms make new ones for the client is asked for a different pattern.

The label manufacturer industry has printing as its last critical process. Huge machines print thousands of labels per minute, and most of them can handle between three to ten standard colours. Label manufacturer companies produce dozens of different label types for all types of companies worldwide.

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