Many of us think of large machines slapping adhesive tags onto a series of mass-produced products when we hear the phrase “label applicator.” Although this is a common situation in industrial settings, there are other label applicator types that we shouldn’t forget.

One of the most common label applicator needs often occurs far, far away from the factory floor. It happens, instead, inside the average home. We are talking about the need for a label applicator for compact disks and DVDs.

Magnetic media has long fallen out of favour. Today, every bit of music, video and other consumer data, it seems, ends up being recorded on a CD or DVD. With camcorders, audio/video equipment and computer use all on the rise, regular people are churning out millions of blank disks that need to be labelled for organization and cataloguing.

This is why one of the fastest growing label applicator markets is the lightweight, manual CD/DVD labeller. These devices usually involve placing the standard sized labels (which are often printed at home using a PC and printer) in one side, placing the disk on the other, and then closing the device. The label applicator insures that things are lined up properly and places the label in the right spot far more efficiently and accurately than one can do “by hand.”

It’s true. Many factories have at least one label applicator spitting out thousands of uniform labels. Some have several. However, each of millions of private homes also has a label applicator that will be used to tag a CD containing music or a DVD filled with home movies. The increased used of these disks as an alternative to magnetic media has resulted in the creation of many different inexpensive label applicator devices.

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