If you are searching for a label manufacturer, you should find one who can offer a compatible final product. It doesn’t mean a thing if you have a perfect label if the label manufacturer gives you something that will not work with your label application system, after all.

Let’s look at a few ways to make sure you get labels (and a label manufacturer) who can offer great compatibility.

First, make sure you receive and carefully evaluate proofs. Don’t just look for artwork, either. Check the label carefully. Demand a prototype if possible and make sure it will work with your current label printing tools. I

Second, consult with your applicator’s manufacturer. As you are preparing to order from your label manufacturer, talk to the builder of the application technology and make sure they feel your new labels will be perfectly compatible.

Third, don’t purchase from a “fly by night” label manufacturer. A reputable label manufacturer can be sure to get you labels that will work with your existing equipment as well as other options. You may not have that same level of workmanship with a bargain basement label manufacturer.

By carefully checking samples, communicating with both the manufacturer of your applicator and the label manufacturer, and avoiding low-quality label vendors, you should be able to maintain consistency, allowing you to avoid being forced to retool your operation or make other significant changes.

If you are visiting with a label manufacturer, take the time to be sure you will not have any efficiency-robbing problems with compatibility. With a little effort, you can be sure your new labels will work perfectly with your current application strategy.

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