Not everyone has faith in the accuracy of barcode scanners because of personal experiences. The problem lies not with the barcode scanners but with those who are responsible for recording the information that needs scanned. For example, if a retail store has a sale and doesn't record the sale prices in the computer, the scanner will continue to ring the original prices. The responsibility for inaccuracy lies with the employees who are responsible for making certain the prices and inventory are accurate. Although cash registers are programmed so that a cashier can correct a price that is inaccurate, this takes time since most stores require manager approval for price changes. One inaccurate price in a shift can take time away from other things if it is a fast moving product.

The key to maintaining accuracy in barcode scanners is to make certain that each scanner is in top condition mechanically. They must work together with the computer to which they are connected—the store computer or the cash register. If the computer to the register goes off kilter, you may ring up merchandise that has no description, an indication that there is a problem. If you continue to use the register, the amount of incoming sales will be inaccurate since nothing further from the register will be recorded. Sometimes simply rebooting the register solves the problem, but if it doesn't, do not continue to use it because you defeat the purpose of the barcode scanner if you have to manually input each price. This will also prevent outgoing merchandise from being recorded, as well as incoming sales dollars.

In order to assure that your barcode scanners are recording accurate information, verify on a routine basis the information in your system. In addition, make certain all of your scanners are mechanically sound in order to avoid potential errors due to maintenance issues.

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