In addition to labelling machines, there are labelling systems such as ALline that is operated automatically and properly configured to process and apply labels for products that are cylindrical, elliptical, or rectangular. As an added bonus, this labelling machine has the capability to meet specific requirements within a given parameter such as applying tamper-proof seals.

The control panel on the ALine labelling machine is located in an upper position that protects it against washing liquids or any kind of product loss. In machines that have standard configurations, you will find that the optional safety cabinet fits perfectly into the basic structure, which seals the ceiling. The cable path is completely internal, which guarantees simpler cleaner as well as an improvement in the protection and a cleaner design.

ALline offers more than one labelling machine, thus allowing the potential to meet the needs of many customers. Each model is configured to apply labels to certain products or containers. .The ALline C is configured so that it can apply wrap-around labels to cylindrical products. This usually consists of glass or metal bottles that contain foodstuff and chemical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical products that are housed in plastic, glass, or metal vials. ALline E is configured so that it can apply two front/back labels to elliptical or rectangular products. Generally, these products include food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and chemical products that are housed in plastic, glass, or metal bottles and jars.

The ALline labelling machine can be specially configured so that it can meet special requirements as needed. This is made possible because of the integrations of the reliable and tested modular systems that are a part of the ALline system. It also includes a continuous or alternate-motion horizontal conveyor to label unstable cylindrical products.

Each ALline labelling machine and its components can be equipped with an abundance of other devices, which will enhance their range and performance. This may include micrometric adjustment for head inclination, printing units for batches or sell-by dates, and checking devices for the presence of labels just to name a few.

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