The Label Manufacturing Company has ordered another Edale press. ‘Compared with the alternatives in the market that we looked at, Edale’s new G-range press gave us the best value for money,’ says Martin Warner.

The Label Manufacturing Company’s managing director. ‘I was impressed with its solid construction and the fact that, from an operational point of view, it is very easy to operate.’

The purchase of this new press has enabled The Label Manufacturing Company to diversity into new markets. They will be using the press to print 4 + 1 colour process work with UV for more industrial labels.

All print stations on the G range are equipped with Edale’s new Ultra-Fast system. The anilox, doctor blade, inking roller and tray can be removed in a single slide operations, leaving the print cylinder in place, while a duplicate takes its place. When the cassette is replaced, a simple pneumatic system ensures perfect positioning, says Edale.

The Label Manufacturing Company’s previous relationship with Edale and inter-changeability of tooling, played an important role in determining the purchase of the new press, as did the financial help received from Commercial Finance Capital Plc. ‘This will play an important part in our current negotiations with Edale’s sales director, George Russell, for one of Edale’s B-range presses, which is currently being developed,’ says Martin Warner.

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