If you regularly use labels, you have probably used Avery labels. Avery-Dennison is the best-known label manufacturer in the world and posts annual sales in excess of five billion dollars. Avery labels range from simple peel and stick labels used in homes to specialty labels and tapes for the industrial sector.

In 1935, R. Stanton Avery opened shop in a small Los Angeles rental. He produced the original self adhesive labels from his small spot, selling them as “Kum Kleen” products. Avery combined a knack for sales with a determination to produce an outstanding product. He introduced ideas such as synthetic pressure-sensitive adhesives, special die-cutting methods and other innovations.

Within ten years, Avery’s small company had grown into a successful operation posting over a half million dollars in sales.

One of Avery’s inventions was his method of cataloguing and categorizing various label sizes. The success of his company and his system lasts today, as labels from any label manufacturer are often called out by their Avery number.

The ubiquitous nature of the Avery label can also be seen today by any computer user. Microsoft Word and most other major word processors allow one to print labels at home. When a user does this, they are prompted to identify the manufacturer and size of the label. Not surprisingly, Avery is the default manufacturer and Avery numbers are used to identify labels of uncertain origin.

Today, Avery enjoys the enviable position of being among the largest corporations in the United States. The company is currently focusing on finding new opportunities domestically and abroad and remains committed to introducing new products. Avery-Denison seems well-positioned to retain its spot as the most reco
gnizable label manufacturer.

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