Barcode label printers
are used to print a variety of labels or adhesive stamps. They can also be used to facilitate accurate record keeping and maintain important product/inventory information. Barcode label printers come with a multitude of technologies including LED, dot matrix, line printer, ink jet, laser, thermal transfer, and direct thermal.

The best quality can be found among the direct thermal barcode label printers. They use a heavy, smudge-proof paper stock. The thermal barcode label printers are smudge-proof as they use heat to impress the barcode into the paper stock. LED or LCD barcode label printers closely resemble the laser barcode label printers, however the laser barcode label printers use a laser beam to produce an image on a drum where as liquid and light emitting diodes are used to make the impressions on the drum with the LCD and LED printers. Dot matrix barcode label printers would be among the slowest of the printers, however it can print to multi-page forms if needed. Line barcode label printers tend to be fast, however print quality is poor.

The amount of memory is also important when selecting barcode label printers. There are several choices: Flash, EPROM, and RAM. There are also several interface choices including USB, Ethernet, parallel interface, and serial interface. Barcode label printers also come with a variety of optional features or comfort features for the end user such as cutter, color printing, and other user controls. With such an extreme combination on product type and features, how can a decision maker be certain that they are making the best choice among all of the barcode label printers?

Users of barcode label printers must obviously take quality into consideration when selecting the printer that best suits their needs. The functionality of these barcode label printers are basically the same, however depending on a company’s need any of the barcode label printers could work best.

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