While all of us know that barcode scanners are used during the checkout process at almost any store today, barcode scanners are also used for other purposes within the shopping and retail industries. In fact, barcode scanners not only can be used for the checkout process, but for inventory and restocking purposes as well as entering items into gift registries. Using barcode scanners for gift registries may be the most fun many shoppers have aside from actually taking the items home!

In the last several decades seeing a UPC code or barcode be read by barcode scanners has become a routine occurrence of the checkout process. However, this was not always the case. Barcode scanners were developed by the Uniform Code Council (UCC) for grocery stores to speed up and streamline their checkout process. Before barcode scanners cashiers would have to manually enter product codes or individual prices.

We all know that barcode scanners are used during checkout since we have all bought something, but barcode scanners are also widely used for inventory and restocking items in any given store. Many times as stock personnel fill the shelves, they will use barcode scanners to take inventory for any particular product. Barcode scanners make it easy and quick to enter in the inventory information into the store’s computer system.

Although it is nice to know that barcode scanners are used for the merchant to keep track of inventory and to process purchases, many consumers just aren’t concerned about it. What makes barcode scanners important to the average consumer is that barcode scanners can be used to enter products into gift registries. Newly engaged couples or expectant parents can use barcode scanners to breeze through their favourite store and “zap” items they want to include on their gift registry. Barcode scanners save time by automatically entering all items into the store’s system for organization and easy access.

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