Even small businesses nowadays must purchase a barcode label printer to do business with large retailers. A barcode label printer is essential because barcodes are practically required for sales in the national chain stores. Instead of printing the barcode directly on the package, a barcode label printer allows businesses to choose and customize the placement of barcodes on packages. Typically, a barcode label printer comes with software to create UPC labels, among other coding options. If not, software is available for upgrades from an existing barcode label printer. A barcode label printer is often compatible with existing software on most computers, especially word processing programs.

Options on a barcode label printer include the speed of printing, which often varies based on the prices of models, which can range from less than one-hundred dollars to over two-thousand dollars. A barcode label printer with direct thermal transferring will be more expensive than a barcode label printer with thermal transfer printing. A cheaper model of a barcode label printer may offer labels that peel or tear-off. For products that cannot be tagged by a barcode label printer, some barcode label printers offer an option to print a tag which can hang on the product with a string.

A barcode label printer also varies based on its size which can be a factor for some smaller offices and businesses. While inkjet printers are generally less expensive, a laser barcode label printer provide better quality prints and are more consistent and reliable. A laser barcode label printer can be a more expensive initial investment, but there will rarely be an error that can result from a misprinting of labels or barcodes. A barcode label printer is a worthwhile investment for companies who wish not to outsource the job of printing barcodes.

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