Label applicators
come in all sizes and models. After all, label applicators can place a label in something as typical as an envelope, up to something as complex as a can. From the many industries in which label applicators are used at, one of the biggest ones is the bottling industry.

It can be a translational dedicated to the elaboration of soft drinks, or it can be a small winery located in South Africa. Whatever the case, label applicators are very important for all organizations that use bottles for storing their products. Remember that one of the first things that the consumer sees is the label. It won’t matter how pretty the label is, if the label applicators haven’t made a good job, the consumer will think it twice before buying it; hence, the importance of label applicators.

So, how do label applicators work in the bottling industry? The first thing to consider is that the sizes of label applicators depend on the size of the operation. If it is a small organization that makes organic juice, there are plenty of manual label applicators to choose from. Why look for label applicators capable of labelling thousands of labels per month, when you only need to look for label applicators capable of labelling a couple of hundreds per month?

Fortunately, manual label applicators aren‘t very complex to use; as a matter of fact, label applicators requires little human intervention. The first thing that the user needs to do with label applicators is to place the roll of labels in the machine and set it up according to the instructions. Once he has done that, he needs to put the bottle, as instructed by the manual, and turn the machine on. Leave the rest to label applicators, they know what to do.

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