From tequila to deodorant - look at some of the more interesting and innovative packaging solutions to hit retailers' shelves across the world last month.

Tequila from Tequila Cazadores de Arandas in Maxico is packed in a heavyweight 750ml rectangular-shaped glass bottle with an offset neck, which has incorporated pouring ledge closed with a heavy stainless steel cork stopper. The bottle also features a flexo-printed and foil-blocked wraparound label on self adhesive paper.

Irish company Omega Taknika has released a wart removal product under the Cryro Phrarma brand in Spain. The injection-moulded polypropylene (PP) dispenser accepts an additional hand-held applicator, fitted wit a small, expanded polyurethana foam pad. When pressed down, the liquid inside impregnates the pad, which can then be applied to the area requiring treatment. The container comes in a litho-printed, reverse touch-in, white-lined carton.

Cloetta Fazer in Finlandhas repackaged its Mignon 110V chocolate eggs, which have been made for over 100 years by filling real egg shells with an almond and nut nougat mixture. The eggs are placed in a pulpboard "eggbox" with a slide-on cartonboard sleeve, litho-printed on both sides.

In South Korea, Aekyung has produced an exquisite pack for a lip and eye make-up remover under the brand name. The product is contained in an injection stretch blow-moulded bottle with an injection-moulded PP cap and dispenser, with a flip-top covering and a dispensing tray that is filled by depressing the structure. Tissues are provided to soak up the liquid and apply to the skin. All elements are held in a litho-printed, soft-touch, white-lined, tuck-in carton with a crash-lock base.

New in France, from Max Havelaar, is The Vert Feuilles, marketed under the Alter Eco brand. The tea, supplied from India, is held in a multi-laminate pouch, placed in a miniature "tea crate" made from plywood with aluminium edge guards. The lid is shouldered to provide a tight fit when closed.

I Love Magazine of Austrailia has released what is claimed to be the world's first magazine in a bottle. An injection stretch blow-moulded PET bottle holds 600ml of spring water with the I Love Magazine held to it via a flexo-printed, self adhesive PP wraparound label with a "peel to reveal" indication on the side. The bottle is completed with a screw-on-tamper-evident injection-moulded PP cap.

The new Nivea Pearl Beauty roll-on deodorant from Beiersforf in Belgium is a good example of how product labelling can help branding. The deodorant is packed in a 50ml glass bottle and the product name is reflected in the screen-printed, pearlescent, self adhesive label.

Mann and Schroder in Austria has released a clever pack of hand care products under the AldoVandini brand. A hand was and regenerative hand cream are each held in an injection stretch blow-moulded PET bottle with a flexo-printed shrink sleeve label and an injection-moulded PP lockable pump dispenser. The hand-held carton, in which the two bottles sit, is engineered from one sheet of litho-printed white-lined microflute board, and the cutting, creasing and gluing provide maximum protection for the bottle. A wood nailbrush is also attached to the pack via a PP cord.

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