For many years, beer bottles featured labels applied in a familiar two step process. An adhesive was laid down that label was fastened by it. That methodology is falling out of favour, however, as breweries are now embracing a self-adhesive labels as an alternative.

Why are self adhesive labels gaining in popularity? Let’s consider a few of the factors behind the opinions that have led to an acceptance of the self-adhesive beer bottle.

First, the issue of cost is important. Many brewers are finding they can reduce costs by going to a self adhesive label because those labels are made using a one step process in which printing, finishing and cutting happens almost at once. It is an incredibly simple system and one that keeps waste and costs low.

Second, self-adhesive stickers are more reliable in terms of accurate application on the bottle than other alternatives. Not only does this mean a more attractive product, but also that efficiency is improved as fewer errors must be treated. Additionally, assembly lines using self adhesive labels for beer products have reported that production lines suffer from less downtime than those relying on traditional methods.

Is there a downside to using self-adhesive bottles? It may be more cost effective to use the older methods if you have extremely high volume. Otherwise, self adhesive labels may be a better choice for your business.

After years of relying on a more complicated process, the U.S. beer industry is slowly but surely making some changes. They are moving toward increased use of self-adhesive labels due to cost and application advantages. It appears as if self-adhesives and beer will be together for some time.

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