are important as it they are used to display particular information about a certain product to consumers. Thus it is vital to ensure that the labels printed are readable so that correct information is passed on to the consumer. Misrepresentation of information especially about certain products like food may cause dire consequences like food poisoning. Therefore to ensure good quality labels all the time you need to ensure your label printer is well maintained and taken care off.

You should be able to detect problems in your label printer when it arises and also be able to identify the cause of the problem. The most essential part that you need to maintain in the label printer is the print head. Almost 80% of the problems in label printers are caused due to improper care or use of the print head. Make sure to identify early signs of trouble in your label printer as this will help you to cut down on the cost involved to service the printer.

The early signs of trouble that need to be noted and given extra care and attention to protect your label printer are Bars are to light (underburn), Overburn, Unwanted diagonal lines appear and Spots or voids appear in the image. Once the problem has been highlighted the necessary corrective measures need to be taken to ensure the label printer doesn’t suffer any further damage.

Underburn occurs when there is uneven or insufficient pressure applied to the print head this can be easily rectified by adjusting the print head. Overburn on the other hand occurs when the heat setting is too high causing thick bars to appear, this can be remedied by lowering the heat. If diagonal lines or white streaks appear on the label it could be due to the ribbon not being installed properly into the printer, so check whether the ribbon is running smoothly. Spots and voids appear due to dirt, abrasion or due to burnt elements in the print head. It is recommended that the print head be cleaned regularly to prevent this problem.

Therefore to ensure high quality labels always take preventive maintenance steps; that is maintaining the printer before any problem arises.

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