Tapes have long gone and CDs are here to stay because CDs are easier to store, to maintain, has a longer lifespan and it provides you with the option of watching a much more clearer movie compared to tapes. In order to store these CDs efficiently it would be great if the CDs are labelled clearly and neatly for easy access anytime. In the past labelling CD was a tedious job as it required many hours of your precious time.

The old method requires the label to be printed on a special label paper. The label than has to be cut carefully and pasted on the CD. Now with the new CD label printer the process of labelling CDs, have become so simple that the label printer actually prints the l right onto the CD itself. This kind of label printer uses the thermal transfer method; using heat to seal the ink on the CD. The CD will not be damaged in any way but will still retain its durability and waterproof ness. Another plus point is that the ink will dry up in a matter of minutes and the final print will not peel off.

Now with the latest technology there are various types of CD label printers that will be able to cater not only for personal but also corporate needs. The CD label printer of the new era comes with full colour and photo realistic printing that will make a major difference on the appearance of your CDs. When selecting a CD label printer always ensure that you will have the choice to create your own print-titles by selecting graphics from your own computer after all the main purpose of labelling your CDs is to make it more personal. Also secure a CD printer that involves a simple printing function like the auto-turn function whereby you can print on the upper and lower part of the CD in one single operation.

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