There are thousands of label printers vying for your business, and it can be difficult to determine which printer should handle your label needs. There are few things to look for when hiring a label printer that go beyond the simple concepts of price and speed. Consider a few of the factors that you should keep in mind when selecting a label printer:

First, the printer should be able to create labels that are easily scanned by barcode readers when they are part of your labelling plan. This is a common problem for some labellers, and is one that can cause a great deal of hassle and inefficiency for retailers. Make sure the label printer with whom you’ll be doing business can create barcodes that scan the first time, almost every time.

Second, investigate consistency. In most cases, you will be relying upon the same kinds of labels again and again. You want to be sure your label printer supplies you with labels that are consistent in size, colour, and performance from roll to roll. A quality label printer will give you a consistent grade of quality from the first label in your run to the millionth.

Third, make sure your label printer will be responsive to your special needs. No matter how good your planning is, you will eventually need to labels on short notice or in a style different than what the printer has on file. Try to find a printer who can be flexible and who will be happy to respond to your special requirements as they arise.

Quality and price are always important, but there are a few other considerations that separate a great label printer from the competition. Keep those traits in mind as you select a label printing partner for your business.

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