So many choices for good barcode scanners exist that it's easy to see how one could be confused when shopping for effective barcode scanners. All you need to do is answer some basic questions to get an idea of which barcode scanners will be right for your business. In this article we'll look over some of the essential questions to ask yourself when shopping for barcode scanners as well as which types are most commonly used as industry solutions.

Where will the barcode scanners be used is the first question you should ask before committing to a barcode scanner. If you plan to perform only occasional or very light scanning, an inexpensive pen type barcode scanner might be all you need. However if your business is likely to require large amounts of scanning, or scanning done in a warehouse or other harsh environment, you'll want something a little more durable. In this case, laser barcode scanners are a relatively inexpensive alternative and will hold up better in hazardous conditions.

Does your business need hand-held or hands-free barcode scanners? Knowing the answer to this question will help you pick out a model and style of barcode scanner. If hand-held is what you need, consider laser barcode scanners or CCD barcode scanners, which are more expensive but advanced technology. Laser scanners also come in stationary models and are preferable for scanning products hands-free. Slot barcode scanners can also be effective if you want to scan identification or credit cards.

If cost is an issue, pen scanners are the least expensive barcode scanners but a reasonable alternative is offered with laser scanners that feature models not much more costly than the pen design.

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