With so many self-adhesive labels on the market today it can be difficult to know which label is best for the job you need to do. It's important to purchase the right size, shape and colour self-adhesive label.

When shopping for self-adhesive labels keep in mind the desired look and purpose the self-adhesive labels need to fill. Plain self-adhesive labels with a matte finish are good for most general labelling needs. For labelling children's toys, craft supplies, seasonal decorations, bottles and jars in the pantry or cardboard boxes when moving; a plain white self-adhesive label is all you need. Homemade gifts have been making a comeback in the form of candles, jars and soaps. Self-adhesive labels with a glossy finished will add a touch of class to your craft.

Available in pastel, clear and standard colours a glossy self-adhesive label will enhance whatever it labels. For an elegant look, use metallic foil self-adhesive labels to "dress-up" your gift. The task of filing can be made easily by employing colour-coded self-adhesive labels on your file folders. Coloured self-adhesive labels are also useful in teaching children proper placement and home safety.

Certain self-adhesive labels are made from a special cold-resistant material. Use these for labelling meat and other food in the freezer. When labelling media such as DVDs, VHS tapes and CDs, self-adhesive labels with permanent adhesive should be used. Be careful when positioning the self-adhesive labels because while they don't set right away once placed they can lose some of their "stickiness".

Labels are sold in shapes that are designed specifically for various types of media, usually in a bright white colour that makes writing really stand out. And lastly do not forget the most common use for self-adhesive labels, mailing address labels. Matte-finished white labels are ideal for this purpose too.

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