Choosing a label manufacturer involves consideration of several distinct factors. Let’s take a quick look at some of the concerns one should keep in mind when selecting a label manufacturer with whom to partner. This list is certainly not exhaustive, but should give one a good idea of some important factors.


Price tags are always important to any business decision and labels are no exception. Make sure you take the time to find a label manufacturer who is able to offer a competitive price. You certainly won’t want to compromise the overall quality of your labelling in order to save a few measly pounds, but you must keep your eyes on the bottom line when choosing a labelling partner.


If you need your labels in a hurry, or if delay of your labels will cause you a great deal of frustration, make sure to choose a label manufacturer who is both willing and able to deliver your labels in a timely fashion. Turnaround times can vary a great deal based on the individual label manufacturer, so you shouldn’t assume that because three other operations promised you a one-week turnaround that any manufacturer will hit that same target. In some cases, fast delivery may not be essential. This may allow you to shop for a label manufacturer who may be a bit slower, but can also do the job a bit cheaper.


You want to collaborate with a label manufacturer who can get your job done exactly the way you envision it. There are many label manufacturers, and you will certainly be able to find someone who can meet your specifications. Find a label manufacturer who can guarantee their ability to produce the labels you really want. Compromise may be necessary, but should probably only consist of minor tweaks--not wholesale changes to your proposed design.

By considering the factors outlined here, one will be better prepared to choose a label manufacturer to meet his or her needs.

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