Avery Dennison
has introduced Primax Cling, which is a 4.5 mil co-extruded polyolefin film that ‘clings’ without adhesive to most glass surfaces, polypropylene, ABS, Plexiglas and enamelled metals.

It is white film that can be removed cleanly and leaves no residue. Printable by both water-based and UV flexography, thermal transfer, offset lithography, letterpress and screen printing.

Due to the print skin inherent in the product, a topcoat is not necessary. Primax Cling does not contain any plasticizers and should therefore be environmentally friendly.

It is ideal for such applications as glass surfaced point-of-purchase displays, information labels, automobile stickers, games and promotions, holiday and seasonal decorations and protective films for in-plant work, claims the company.

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