The usage of label printers has expanded so wide today that it plays an important role in the commercial world. Label printers have been made adaptable by technology to make it suitable for different types of environment and industries, such as warehouse, logistics, parcel carrier companies, retail product marking, hospitals and healthcare. Commercial label printers operate by using the direct thermal approach.

Direct thermal printing is where the printing of labels is done by the heating elements that are in the label printer. Large companies and organizations consider commercial label printer as profitable because by using the direct thermal printing approach it eliminates the need for consumable parts that is required by other technologies in the market. One great example about the usage of label printer commercially is the ticketing printer.

There are some common features a commercial label printer should have as a whole to provide high quality results. In this case a ticket printer should have high speed in printing and in volume output, easy maintenance by providing access to clean the print head regularly, easy integration to the system like the ability to print from any Windows application, smooth printing of barcodes and high resolution graphics and most vital is the ability to store the tickets internally or externally by using a fanfold.

Today commercial printing has become a part of our lives that we are dependent on these friendly machines to keep our daily activities in proper order. This is such as ticketing is needed in many sectors such as transportation; railway, buses and car park stations, leisure; sports club and theme parks, and performance of arts; cinemas and theatre. In the near future the expansion of usage in commercial printing will allow us to carry on with our daily lives at more ease and comfort.

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