A common form of printed labels is the bar code which is now seen in
supermarkets on the food and other products that we buy, which can help with stock control and can be used to show which products are selling best. However, bar codes can be used for other business purposes such as fixed asset registered. Modern library systems use bar codes as do warehouses and airlines use bar codes to keep track of customer luggage, reducing the chance of loss. Bar codes are lines of varying width printed on a label, which is designed to be read optically by a data capturing device.

Today bar codes also come in patterns of dots, concentric circles, and hidden in images. You can produce bar code labels in two ways, either by buying bar code printing hardware and software and producing your own labels or you can buy printed labels from companies which specialise in bar code production.

Printed label suppliers can supply labels with a variety of information and
different formats, for example, printed in rolls of sequentially numbered
labels printed on vinyl.

If the amount of information you need on your barcode is fixed and you only need a small number each day, buying
printed labels
is more economical then printing them on-site.

Pre-printed bar code labels can be produced using any printing process. Most printed label vendors use one or more of the following printing systems because of their speed and accuracy: Film Master/Printing Plate,
Ion-Deposition, or Photocomposition.

Printing technology is evolving rapidly. Printed label printers continually up date their equipment and often can supply printed labels produced by the most up-to-date processed before on-site equipment is available to be purchased by a non-specialist business. Sellers who sell printed labels can provide whatever your require on demand and can produce your order very quickly.

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