One of the great things about doing your research in advance is that you can avoid repeating the mistakes of others. That is certainly the case when it comes to selecting a label applicator. Many businesses have made one or two huge mistakes when choosing label application tools. By looking at common label applicator purchase errors, you will be better able to avoid making the same mistakes yourself.

Perhaps the most common error is failing to buy a label applicator with future growth in mind. Many manufacturers will choose a label applicator that meets their current needs without looking at future growth consideration. It may be tempting to buy a cheaper machine that can just handle your current needs, but it makes a lot more sense (and is usually far cheaper down the road) if you invest in a label applicator that can grow with your company.

Another common error in the purchase of applicators relates to the actual labelling conditions. Not all factory floors are created equal, and a label applicator that works perfectly in one setting may be an absolute disaster in another. Consider your environment and make sure your chosen label applicator can handle those conditions. Is the area dusty? Is it cold? Will the machine be exposed to water? Questions like these can help you to choose a label applicator that can function optimally in your unique setting.

There are, of course, other errors one can commit when choosing a label applicator. However, a failure to plan for growth or to buy with the unique manufacturing circumstances in mind are two of the most common mistakes.

If you are in the market for a label applicator, remember to avoid those two common pitfalls. If you do, you will be in the perfect position to choose the right applicator for you!

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