Self-adhesive labels are used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. A law office may use self adhesive labels on file folders. A manufacturer may use them on finished assembly line projects. These flexible label options also get a great deal of use in the average home! Let’s looks at some common at-home uses for self-adhesive labels in the home.

One popular example of self adhesive labels are novelty and decorative stickers. These have long been a hit with children and many kids build up significant sticker collections. They address all topics and themes and are probably most children’s introduction to self-adhesive labels.

Another at home example of self adhesive labels in action on the home front happens every time many of us send a bill or letter. Self-adhesive return address stickers are in widespread use. They allow one to efficiently place a return address on outgoing male.

The realm of popular at-home self adhesive labels also includes stickers designed to identify, organize and categorize compact disks and DVDs. These self adhesive labels, which are often put in place using a handheld label applicator, have been soaring in popularity as the use of these devices as storage media climb.

Factories may plug permanent self adhesive labels onto the bottom of lawnmowers to warn customers of the dangers of improper use. Roll after roll of self adhesive labels might be used by a bustling professional office.

These labels, however, also have prominent place in our homes. Whether we are sticker-collecting child or are organizing our home movie library, we use self-adhesive stickers with tremendous regularity. Self adhesive labels are so ubiquitous that we often fail to notice them, but even a cursory examination of a few regular activities can quickly remind us of just how common they are.

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