As we have defined previously quite well, a label supplier is not only a provider that supplies you with unprinted white labels or price tags, it is an important business partner that provides your company with product labels, publicity material and all sort of iconography you may be require not only for production but also for marketing campaigns and sales support. Therefore, a label supplier is a very important and critical provider for most industries.

Having that in mind, we may then mention that the process of selecting an adequate label supplier is not an easy task and should be taken very seriously and professionally. Several important issues must be evaluated before selecting a label supplier as he will be a fundamental part in the design, marketing, production and sales steps of one of several of your products.

One of the first things to have in mind when evaluating a label supplier is making an important comparison between cost and quality. Have all of your potential providers make you a particular label (at least a small batch of 10 or so of those labels) and compare the quality of the finished products. Place those labels on several tests, such as putting them under the sun for a few days or wetting them with water (neutral water, acidic and alkaline water too). The tests may vary depending on the particular characteristics of your product. Compare the price each potential label supplier gave you once you have those quality test results at hand.

Another very important issue to compare when dealing with providers is their reliability. Your label supplier must be a reliable provider, one that will be delivering a finished product when accorded and having the particular characteristics you asked for. An easy way of finding this out is talking with some of the potential provider’s clients. Have in mind that if the potential label supplier avoids the issue or openly says they won’t be telling you what other clients they have, then you should discard them at once: nothing good comes out from such a conservative attitude.

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