is a long and continuous process that starts with designing. Before labelling you need to study the product and see what labelling necessities you will be requiring. For such reason, most labelling companies count also with a design department that has to study the client’s product in order to develop the best labels possible to be used in the labelling process.

Labelling companies therefore usually count with some artists and designers in their staff. These labelling artists study shapes, forms, colours and patterns in order to design small works of art that will eventually become part of the product. The labelling product thus has a certain degree of art implied in the process of creating it and that makes labelling a particular mixture of industrial procedure and artistic endeavour. A very interesting process as you can see.

The next step in the labelling process will definitively be preparing the labelling surface. This may mean certain type of industrial treatment or just a simple cleaning process. In order to do an adequate labelling process the surface where the label will be adhering to must be thoroughly cleaned. Good labelling procedures recommend this at that will definitively extend the lifetime of most labels.

After that the labelling process is very straightforward. In big labelling companies the labelling machines are fed with both the labels and the recipients where the labels will be adhering to, such as bottles or cans. The labelling machine does most of the work in an automated way. The most advanced labelling machines even do the quality inspection process on their own, as they count with cameras and sensors that detect if the label has been badly placed or if it is missing. Rejected products are then fed again into the labelling machine and the process starts all over again.

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