ClearFlex has been introduced to the market by a world wide manufacturer of self adhesive materials. ClearFlex is a transparent label substrate that works quite well on both hard plastic bottles as well as more flexible clear plastic tubes. Before the introduction of clearflex it was rather difficult to fulfil the requirements of product clarity and squeezability. Tests have shown that ClearFlex helps maintain a label adhesion of over 80 squeezes.

ClearFlex is very suitable for use when going for a no-label look on high clarity polyester, HDPE and PP bottles and tubes. Images can be placed on the back of packages which can be easily seen through the see through label and package's contents.

The top coating of ClearFlex is perfect for flexo, offset, screen and letterpress printing. It's flexibility and adhesion mean that the problems of creasing or lifting is almost entirely eliminated.

The composition of the material includes; ClearFlex which features a clear BOPP film and a glassine liner;ClearFlex Crystal comprised of a clear BOPP film and ultra-transparent polyester release; and finally WhiteFlex for flexible non-clear containers.

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