George F. Burns once said, “Define your business goals so clearly that others can see them as you do.” That is a powerful sentiment and one must of use should take to heart on a variety of levels. Today, however, I want to use Burn’s comments a point of departure to discuss the act of working with your outsourced label printer.

Labels are critical to your business’ success. They are already part of that business plan about which Burns talks, albeit probably less so than many other concerns. The question becomes whether or not you are getting the most out of your label printer. Is the decision to hire a third party label printer paying off?

If you are not sure, think about what Burns had to say. If there is a problem or uneasiness, it could be a matter of your own inability to effectively communicate your objectives to your label printer. An increase in clarity might bring the two of you together on the same page, working together to make sure your labels do everything you want them to do.

Can you motivate your label printer by crystallizing your dreams? Maybe. Maybe not. Even if you do not get him hyped and chomping at the bit, however, you can improve the quality of his output by giving him the information he really needs to do his best.

You should make sure everyone, including your label printer, understands your goals so clearly they “can see them as you do.” It will make a difference! Your label printer is not a mind reader! Imagine how much better things could be with some great direction on your part.

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