The usual definition of a label converter includes the description of a large machine that produces labels, along with many other options that can highly accessorize the label producing trade, but software companies have come out with label converter software, which is not the traditional definition, but still exists as a viable option in today’s market. This label converter software is just like any other program that must be installed, and is usually, very affordable, though the main problem is that the printing is performed by a regular printer, which does not come close to having all of the different accessories present on a true label converter. One of the upsides on the computer label converters, is the ability of the software to provide the user with a plethora of options, most of which cannot be acquired on a regular label converter. These programs also present a distinct advantage to smaller businesses, who could not usually afford a label converter machine. The programs also come with a collection of colours and designs, though as stated before, the labels will only come out as good as the user’s printer will allow.

Use of the label converter has changed from a trade that used to be rather one-dimensional, but now the trade has increased its business influx with the increase in digital technology, which could see the end of the traditional label converter. Though there will always be a need for labels that exist in a durable nature, especially for high-impact manufacturing companies, the piece of the business that was once supported by the small-time consumer may be shrinking, because of their ability to complete such tasks on their own. The individual is the future of the technological age, and more companies will see the need to be increasingly competitive, especially in the market of the label converter, where it is getting easier to do it yourself.

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