Although there are many different types of printed labels one may design and create, there are only two types of printing formats which one may use to produce them. The first printing format that designs and creates printed labels is Digital Thermal Printing, or DTP. As the name suggests, this process effectively allows its created printed labels to withstand extremely hot temperatures when they are exposed to them; furthermore, those printed labels that are produced by the DTP formatting process are able to withstand becoming altered when exposed to many different types of chemicals . These DTP printed labels are able to withstand both heat and chemical alteration due to the fact that the ink which is used in the process is chemically engineered as a heat-sensitive chemical compound.

The second type of format that creates and produces printed labels from is the Thermal Transfer Printing process, or the TTP. Although the printed labels created by this process are not as durable as those created by DTP, they are immensely popular due to a much lower production cost. This formatting process of creating printed labels operates when heat is directly applied to a solidified ink ribbon. When the ink is heated up it liquefies and the ribbon then transfers those applicable images onto the surface of the printed labels. Another factor that makes these extremely popular among users is the fact that they may produce printed labels by using a variety of different ribbons. The ribbons that are available to choose from are priced accordingly depending chemical composition which includes ribbons consisting of wax, resin, and other synthetic materials. Eventhough this process is popular due to the aforementioned factors, it does have some drawbacks. The biggest drawback is that normally the printed labels it produces are not smudge resistant. Thus, anyone in the market for un-smudgeable labels usually will opt to purchase a printer that uses DTP.

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