Desktop label printers
are available online in various styles to accommodate either small business tasks or industrial type projects. Desktop label printers are durable and versatile enough to handle everything from individual labels to signs and banners. Desktop label printers are efficient and much more economical to use than ordering products through label or sign shops. Desktop label printers should be considered as practical alternatives to the more expensive stand-alone devices. Desktop label printers are easy to install, connecting directly to your PC through a parallel interface.

In addition, you have the convenience and capability of desktop label printers by being able to preview the labels or signs on the computer monitor before the actual printing takes place. Many desktop label printers feature thermal transfer and have a 300 dpi print resolution that guarantees clear, quality labels. There is no requirement to buy additional software, as desktop label printers are compatible with the programs already installed on most computers.

Desktop label printers often are equipped with as many as 600 templates, including those used in spreadsheets, graphics, and pictograms. The majority of desktop label printers are extremely compact, some as small as 6” high by 9” wide and 11” deep. A wide variety of supplies is usually offered with desktop label printers including heavy-duty industrial vinyl tape in a choice of over 60 colors and reflective or glow in the dark tapes.

Other options in materials for desktop label printers are tapes for use in cold storage areas, die-cut labels for warning signs, chemical resistant labels, and self-laminating labels for identifying wire and cables of electrical equipment.

Tapes for desktop label printers come in a range of sizes, from ½” to 4.” Desktop label printers are compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000, and XP. The light weight of desktop label printers gives the user the flexibility of moving them to other locations or office space, whenever necessary.

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