Desktop label printers
are very useful business tools nowadays. From airline agencies to pharmacies, desktop label printers can be found in almost any business field and realizing many different tasks on a daily basis. Given the high work demand and many uses desktop label printers have they are subject to stress and potential damage of critical parts. In order to avoid malfunctions a few useful tips are provided hereby in order to keep desktop label printers in adequate working conditions as long as possible.

Always use original ink cartridges with your desktop label printers. There are several reasons why to do such a thing, but some of the most important of them all are health issues (toner inhalation is not a healthy habit!) and the impact flawed ink cartridges has on critical mechanical parts on most desktop label printers. Buying refilled ink cartridges is not a good way to save money, as can be observed.

Most desktop label printers are highly susceptible to label stock quality. Be it fanfold stock, rolled or any sort of continuous label stock the machine requires, have quite present that quality parameters such as paper weight and adhesiveness are important when considering a label stock provider for your desktop label printers. Give a few tries with different brands and providers to make sure you pick the best for your specific desktop label printers, as parameters may change depending on the peripheral’s brand and characteristics.

All desktop label printers come with some sort of maintenance program that you can manually run pressing a button on using the printer’s software. Make sure to read your desktop label printers’ manual and check when that program must be ran. Make it a habit, as that can considerably prolong most desktop label printers working lifetime.

Due to natural use and as it happens with all types of equipment, desktop label printers with sooner or later present some sort of malfunction. Desktop label printers usually have problem with the stock feeding mechanisms given the sort of material they handle and that sort of malfunction is easy to fix. It is strongly recommendable to take any damaged desktop label printers to authorized maintenance service providers only.

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